The official book of California Stylesheets


(and that's okay)

It's a book about writing CSS.
And not writing CSS.


You suck at Photoshop

The “you suck at” meme started with Photoshop, forty-five years ago, shortly before the dawn of the Internet.

That’s how old Photoshop is. The prior paragraph is only slightly exaggerated.

Since then, technology has marched on. New image formats have come out. Machine learning has informed entire new categories of insane features to more efficiently remove ex-lovers from photographs.

Photoshop, meanwhile, added subscriptions.

It’s a great piece of software, really. It’s just that, twenty years later, the thing to use is GIMP, the GNU Image Manipulation Program. It caught up. Even the online Photoshop clones are close to Photoshop now.

Photoshop is just shaving inches off your runway and chaining you to its weird conventions. Use free software as much as you can.

Whichever of the two you use, it should be noted that they aren’t layout programs. Photoshop and GIMP should be used to produce the actual assets used in your project.

Photoshop is better for compositions that have a whole ton of layers. And it’s better for the design divas who have bought into Adobe’s overly wrought interface. Everyone else should download and use GIMP.

Actually, even if you use Photoshop, you should download GIMP as a backup. What if your subscription runs out? Did I mention it’s free? It loads faster than you remember and looks better too. Try it out.

Fix it with CASS

CASS’s biggest savings when it comes to GIMP: The time saved in the color picker.

But most importantly, CASS frees you up to work more on assets instead of composing layouts. Image assets should be the main product of your work in these types of programs.

Check out Inkscape too, for an open source take on vector images.

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The Gumroad version contains a secret chapter that spills the dirt on CSS preprocessors, a tech CASS no longer uses.

California Stylesheets is the awesome CSS file/framework referenced in the book. Get your own California Stylesheet here.

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