The official book of California Stylesheets


(and that's okay)

It's a book about writing CSS.
And not writing CSS.

You suck at freak accidents

The flipside of accountability is freak accidents.

Sometimes freak accidents happen and nobody is actually accountable.

There may be one person at the center of it who feels otherwise. But freak accidents are real. They’re the rogue waves of web development.

We build things on an incredibly huge but shaky infrastructure. Sometimes whole swaths of that infrastructure break or fall apart for a few minutes. Sometimes it happens right in the middle of deploying your latest build.

It’s unintuitive, but when freak accidents happen you need to not change anything. It takes a heck of a manager to realize this, but it can save your team lots of time.

If you suffer a freak accident and prepare for the next freak accident, especially that particular freak accident, you’re almost always wasting time.

Having said that, general project preparation for huge emergencies is always a good idea. A reliable backup process will fix a whole lot of problems. Yelling at the person at the center of the freak accident almost never does.

Fix it with CASS

CASS helps you avoid freak accidents in the CSS flavor by consolidating and simplifying CSS and markup. It also has smart inheritance rules which will keep you from rendering unreadable text, or losing it over margins, or any of the other tiny disasters CSS regularly subjects us to.

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The Gumroad version contains a secret chapter that spills the dirt on CSS preprocessors, a tech CASS no longer uses.

California Stylesheets is the awesome CSS file/framework referenced in the book. Get your own California Stylesheet here.

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