The official book of California Stylesheets


(and that's okay)

It's a book about writing CSS.
And not writing CSS.

Styling on the web, but like, way easier.

This is a safe place. CSS can't hurt you here.

This book describes a world where CSS is your friend. A world where you never got good at CSS but that's okay.

That world is called "modern web development."

Pay what you want!

You Suck at CSS is a pay-what-you-want book about lean, scrappy frontend web development using the California Stylesheets approach.

The author has done frontend development and style architecture work for dozens of Silicon Valley companies of all sizes, from the giant corporate behemoth to the solo founder with just an idea.

It's a book about focusing on things other than CSS. It's a book about CASS, the no-CSS CSS framework that's a CSS file but works like a framework.

Featuring chapters on:
  • color
  • typography
  • cargo cults
  • photoshop-to-HTML
  • tech debt
  • freak accidents
  • CSS preprocessors
  • tech project estimation

...And more! Buy it now on Gumroad. Every purchase goes to support the development of California Stylesheets, the no-CSS framework. Even the zero-dollar purchases provide moral support!

Learn CASS for:

  • Prototyping
  • In-browser design
  • No more PSD-to-HTML
  • Easy app design
  • Clean document design
  • No compile/install step

California Stylesheets is an awesome CSS file/framework. The You Suck at CSS (but that's okay) book teaches how (and why) to use one of these CSS files.

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